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Milwaukee and Northern Historical Society

The Milwaukee and Northern Railway Historical Society (MNRHS) was founded in 1964, to perpetuate and share the history of one of Eastern Wisconsin’s and Upper Michigan’s historic railroads.Housed in the Milwaukee & Northern’s 1882 Neenah, Wis., depot, it includes the Neenah-Menasha Model Railroad Club.The Club loosely models the Milwaukee & Northern in O Scale, primarily the Menasha Branch.The Menasha Branch, which runs from Hilbert Junction, Wis., to Menasha, Wis., was completed in 1871. The branch was extended to Appleton in 1880 and Neenah in 1881.

Bedford Indiana Depot 

Bedford, Indiana  Website: Bedford Indiana Depot

The Milwaukee Bedford Depot was moved to a new location and restored. In the second photo on the above website showing the building on the move, that is the Monon depot in the background!

4-8-4 No. 265 at Illinois Railway Museum
Union, IL
This engine, built by Alco in 1944, is the sister to Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261. This engine is preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union. The Milwaukee Road used these behemoths mainly for heavy freight service at the close of World War II and beyond, but these engines also found a home in passenger service and for a time these were used to haul the Hiawathas before they were powered by diesels.

Abandon Yard, shop and yard office, Eau Claire, WI 
The yard is now gone but you can still see where it was. The bridge which was built in 1882 still stands and now bikers and hikers cross it for the Chippewa river state trail. Royal Credit Union stands directly on top where the yard was. if it were still,there it would be right in front of the bank and which is now Phoenix park. The shop is located right where the shelters stand.

Adeline, IL
Adeline is located between the towns of Leaf River and Forreston on the former Milwaukee Road west line (the MILW used to call it the D&I line) which is now part of successor Canadian Pacific. The CP took over the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern in November of 2008 while the former MILW west line is now part of CP's Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary. There is a siding in Adeline which was once part of the MILW's second main track, which was torn up in the 1970s. 

Amberg Historical Museum Complex, Amberg, WI

The museum complex contains the original Amberg depot that was built between 1894 and 1890 by the Milwaukee and Northern railroad. Eventually it was owned by the Milwaukee Road. The above link provides a virtual tour of the depot.

Argo Fay, IL
Argo Fay is a unincorporated town just east of Thomson. The Milwaukee Road once had a cutoff here that traveled from Mount Carroll to a junction about three miles south of Thomson. I don't know when the line was torn up, but after the abandonment, Milwaukee used trackage rights on Burlington Northern from Savanna down through Thomson and on to the Quad Cities. 

Badger Army Ammunitions Plant, Sauk City, WI
The Badger Ammunitions Plant north of Sauk City on US Hwy 12 breathed life into the branch line. Today, the plant stands vacant with the possibility of demolition. The Milwaukee tracks are still in place, but the bridge over the Wisconsin River is uncrossable, as is the Hwy 12 crossing. Trees have grown up through the tracks. The Milwaukee depot on Hwy 60 along the river still stands and is now retail shops.

Bardwell Junction just west of Darien, WI
Bardwell Junction is located about two miles west of Darien on the former Milwaukee Road J-Line which is now successor Wisconsin & Southern. The MILW's former Southwestern Division used to cross here at a diamond; now the WSOR uses the east end of the line as far as Elkhorn. The line west of here is gone now and the site called Allens Grove is now a ghost town.

Bearskin & Hiawatha Trail, Minocqua, WI
Two trails on a former rail bed between Minocqua and Tomahawk. The Bearskin runs 18.3 miles south from Minocqua; the Hiawatha runs north from Tomahawk 6 miles. Hike, touring bike, snowmobile. C/o 518 W. Somo Ave., Tomahawk 54487, (715) 453-1263

Belt Creek area, North Montana Line
Waltham, MT
NML abandoned alignment east of Great Falls; 4 tunnels, 2 large steel trestles. Red Coul�e Trestle, Red Coul�e Tunnel Six, Belt Creek Trestle, Belt Creek Tunnel Five, Amphitheater Tunnel Four (daylighted/collapsed), Lacey Tunnel Three.
Highly scenic, tightly curved, and grades in & out of the valley.

Bensenville Yard
Bensenville Yard is not what it once was under Milwaukee Road ownership, but today under current owner Canadian Pacific it still is a vital link between CP's routes in Canada and Chicago. Bensenville is also a critical part of CP's operations via its newly owned Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary. From Bensenville and Chicago Canadian Pacific schedules its trains between Toronto and Montreal in eastern Canada as well as Winnepeg, Calgary and Vancouver in western Canada. CP also has scheduled service to and from its newly-owned lines in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Bike Trail, Springfield, WI
The Milwaukee Road had a line that passed through Springfield from Sturdevant west to Beloit. In 1980, the MILW put this one-time high speed line out of service and about 18 years later torn up in some places. But now MILW successor Canadian Pacific has put out of service the line west of Sturdevant through Union Grove and Kansasville. (Hope the line will not be torn up too!) That leaves the line west out of Elkhorn with service by Wisconsin & Southern and west out of Clinton by Union Pacific. As for Springfield, the former MILW right of way is now a bike path, and the former MILW depot is now the Pedal 'n' Cup coffee shop.

Boylston Tunnel, Ellensburg, WA
Also known as the Johnson's Creek Tunnel, on former mainline about 20 mi east of Ellensburg, WA. in Saddle Mountains. I-90 is nearby but location is in middle of military maneuvers area and not open to public. 

Bridge over Rock River east of Byron
The Milwaukee Road's west line crossed over the Rock River on two single-track girder spans. The south girder span is now abandoned while the north span now hosts trains from MILW successor Canadian Pacific, whose Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary crosses over the Rock today. The site is what's known as Loose Pulley Junction.

Bridge, Chamberlain, SD
Railroad bridge crossing the Missouri river at Chamberlain. A massive structure, on the line to Rapid City. I believe the state owns the line past Chamberlain, rail still in place but covered in grass and weeds

Bridge, Elgin, IL
This bridge that crosses over the Fox River near downtown Elgin is itself being crossed over by U.S. Route 20. The second main track converges into the track over the river at a spot called Tower 35 and again becomes two tracks on the west bank of the river. This route that used to be the Milwaukee Road's D&I Division is now owned by Metra, and also used by MILW's successor Canadian Pacific through its Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary.

Bridge, Fox Lake, IL

Bridge, Iroquois, IL
The long, formerly 2 track, bridge over the New York Central's Big Four route/Illinois Rte. 52 is still there and is used by the KB&S as a storage track for cars awaiting trains going to or from Kankakee, Lafayette or Danville.

Bridge, La Crosse, WI
In 1972, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad completed a line from St. Paul, MN to a point on the shore of the Mississippi near La Crescent, MN, and petitioned the government for the right to bridge the Mississippi in order to connect that line to their line terminating at La Crosse, WI. On June 4, 1872 Congress authorized the bridging of the Mississippi River at La Crosse, however, the War Department required that the bridge be located at Mount Vernon Street (today the extinct street is the site of the La Crosse Center). The CM&StP objected to this location preferring to cross on a route straight west from North La Crosse, about 2 miles north of Mt. Vernon St. The City of La Crosse, Southern Minnesota Railroad, Chicago, Dubuque & Minnesota Railroad, and the area logging industry all pushed for the Mt. Vernon St. bridge location - The SMRR feared the North La Crosse crossing would obsolete its “Grand Crossing” station on the west bank of the Mississippi (also used by the CB&M) while the loggers didn’t want a bridge on the Black River obstructing its log rafts. The City wanted a train depot in the center of the downtown - in 1972 the CM&StP depot was located on the north side of the La Crosse River requiring the crossing of a wagon bridge over that river in order to get to the depot (the CM&StP relocated its depot into downtown La Crosse in 1874).

After a three year legal battle over the location of the bridge, the War Department made the decision, in late 1875, to allow the CM&StP to build the bridge at the site of their choosing. Work began in January of 1876, with the construction of cofferdams, however heavy late winter and spring flooding moved the dams and held up resumption of construction until June. The mile and eight-tenths crossing of the Black River, Mississippi and two major sloughs required over a mile of trestle work (wood trestle was constructed over unstable ground to be later filled under with stone and earth - the “temporary” wood construction then removed). Steel bridging, on stone piers, was put in over the rivers and sloughs. The crossing of the main channel of the Mississippi had two 165 foot spans, a 250 foot span, and a 360 foot (swing) draw - the draw, built by the American Bridge Company, being the hoisted into place on November 25th. The next day, a 300 ton test train produced less than one and one-half inches of deflection and the bridge was OK’d.

On November 27, 1876, the first passenger train crossed over the new bridging, the eastbound from St. Paul, with the westbound arriving an hour later. It should be noted, that from 1872 through this day in 1876, Milwaukee’s (Chicago <> St. Paul) through passenger trains would stop at Winona (Medary) Junction to board and detrain passengers, and a stub train would carry passengers to and from the La Crosse depot. The Milwaukee passenger trains would use the (C&NW) “Winona Cutoff” and the C&NW bridge over the Mississippi, at Winona, to connect to its track, on the west side of the River, to the Twin Cities. Thus, on this day, it was the first time that a full sized passenger train was seen in downtown La Crosse.

In 1901, the bridging at La Crosse was completely rebuilt with concrete piers and new steel bridges, which increased its tonnage capacity ten fold. On April 27, 2004, the swing span over the Black River was replaced with a bascule lift bridge. The Army Corp of Engineers has targeted the main channel swing bridge for replacement at a date yet to be determined - although no design has been proposed, the goal for the new bridge is a wider opening between piers in order to allow larger river “tows” to pass through.

Bridge, Lake Benewah, ID
between St Maries and Plummer Jct., Idaho
Very long trestle spanning Lake Benewah. A section of the bridge collapsed on April 24, 2006; future of bridge is uncertain.
UPDATE January 2007
Collapsed trestle section was repaired, and is now in service as of 2007.

Bridge, Matawa, WA

Bridge over the Columbia River

Bridge, Monroe, WA

Old Milwaukee Road bridge that spanned the Skykomish River. Demolished Aug. 2005. Bridge FF-962

Bridge, Sabula, IA

This swing bridge spans the Mississippi River at Sabula, Iowa. From here trains going west can either go north toward Dubuque and points north and northwest or south toward Clinton and points south and southwest. Now that Canadian Pacific has taken over the former Milwaukee Road's west line (which CP now calls the "D&I" Subdivision) from the former Iowa, Chicago & Eastern, CP power may now be seen in Sabula, along with IC&E/DM&E power which still can be found.

Bridge, Sauk City, WI

Bridge across the Wisconsin River going through Sauk City and Prairie Du Sac to the Badger Army Ammunitions Plant. The bridge is no longer in use, and some of the track has been removed.

Bridges @ Rosalia. Wa

South of the town of Rosalia are two concrete arch bridges of the type the Milwaukee favored. The bridges are in relatively good shape, and were built to cross a small valley, the Spokane and inland Empire interurban and Northern Pacific railroad. Of particular interest is the huge cut to the east of the valley that once was a tunnel that was daylighted to provide fill that now connects the two bridges together. If you look closely to the south of the old tunnel site the remains of a shoo fly that was likely used to support the tunnel project,or may have been used to route trains during construction. Worth a look if you are in the area.
Buchanan Railcar Inn, Buchanan, VA
Buchanan, Virginia
1937 streamlined diner from the Milwaukee Road's Olympian is now an inn!

The car was one of 6 built for the Olympian and later the Columbian trains. Check it out!

Bunkhouse, Melstone, MT

Meltsone, MT
Just stopped recently and saw that the bunkhouse is still standing in Melstone, Montana. Railroad Station & rails are gone, but can see old rail bed along Hwy. 12 (about 45 miles east of Roundup, Montana).

Bunkhouse, South Cle Elum, WA

South Cle Elum, WA
Built in 1909 and in service until 1974, the bunkhouse provided temporary shelter for train crews. As a part of the South Cle Elum Yard Historic District, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Bunkhouse has been converted into the Iron Horse Inn, a bed-and-breakfast.

Burlington, WI

Burlington, Wisconsin, is where the Milwaukee Road's Southwestern Line passed across the old Soo Line at a diamond. Just east of the diamond the line crossed the Fox River on a bridge. Now under the old Soo Line's successor Canadian National (nee Wisconsin Central), it has a spur on the former MILW toward some industries including the Nestle plant. West of the industries there is a bike trail on the former MILW right of way that travels west toward Elkhorn.

Business Car "Montana"

Los Angeles, CA
Milwaukee Road business Car "Montana", former Olympian Hiawatha tap (lunch) lounge 162,(1947, converted to Business Car in 1955) now resides at Los Angeles Union Station "Garden Track". New owners are progressing with restoration efforts to revitalize the car back to Milwaukee Road "look and feel". However it is now available for charters (day use, most frequently LA-San Diego). Great expense and care has been taken to restore and preserve essential mechanical elements to ensure charter reliability and passenger comfort in Amtrak service. The Montana is resplendent in its 1952 paint and lettering scheme. Interior restoration is under way with extensive use of the road's post war passenger styling and materials, including hardwoods, vaneers, and laminates. The owners, a husband and wife team, are very approachable and knowledgeable. The husband grew up on the Milwaukee and UP, as his father was the last full time ticket agent at the Spokane Union Station. I recommend if you are in the Los Angeles area that you contact the owners through the website for a look or maybe more.

Caboose 01809 Stone City, IA

Stone City , Iowa
This is the location of the 9th, 1939 rib side caboose, #01809 which has been restored to its original 1939 livery. It sits on 90' of 90lb rail which was relocated from Milwaukee's Marion Iowa yard ramp track. The track on which the caboose sits is located 10' south of the original Paralta to Jackson Jct. branch line which ran through Stone City until 1980. There is also an original Milwaukee Road fixed approach semaphore which is lit daily from dusk to dawn. This semaphore was originally located on the Marion Cut Off connecting Cedar Rapids to Marion. 

Caboose 991950, New Lisbon, WI

New Lisbon, Wisconsin
MILW rib-sided caboose 991950 was donated by MILW to City of New Lisbon for display. Help in obtaining the cabooses was provided by a former engineer of the Milwaukee Road. The caboose is located at the intersection of State Hwy 80 and Welch Prairie Rd on the north side of town. It is used as a tourist information office by the local chamber of commerce.

Caboose 992195, Beaver Dam, WI

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Thrall caboose # 992195 is being restored by members of the Beaver Dam Caboose Committee and the Dodge County Train Club. The caboose has been restored. The interior restoration features a mannequin dressed as a Milwaukee Road conductor at the desk. The exterior has been painted and is detailed.

The caboose is located in Heritage Park, directly behind the Milwaukee Road Depot (Chamber of Commerce building) in downtown Beaver Dam, WI at the corner of Front and Spring streets.

An interesting note, this caboose is the same caboose featured on the cover of MRHA's special publication #2, "Milwaukee Road's Steel Cabooses" by Jeff Kehoe

Caboose, Abercrombie, ND

Abercrombie, ND
Rib side caboose, number unknown, is sitting on the old grade of the Fargo branch that was abandoned in 1980. A cross buck is still planted in it's original spot on Main street next to the park where the caboose is located. A motor car is also next to the caboose. Caboose and motor car was donated to Abercrombie by Mildred and Vernon Johnson. The caboose is fenced in. All the windows are missing leaving it more vulnerable to the elements. 
Abercrombie was at milepost 84.9 on the timetable or 32.1 miles south of Fargo, ND.

Caboose, Berlin, WI

Berlin, WI
Repainted MILW Thrall caboose #992120 is on display across the street from the old MILW depot in Berlin on the corner of S. Capron and Franklin St. just south of HWY 116.

Caboose, Elgin, ND

Elgin, ND
There is a caboose by the old station which is now a museum.

Caboose, Motor Car & Depot, Osborne, IA

Osborne, Iowa
Osborne is located just outside of Elkader, Iowa along highway 13. The county has a park with a collection of Milwaukee Road items including a motor car, caboose, and small depot.

Caboose, Rochelle, IL

Elgin, IL
Next to the Rochelle Railroad Park is a Milwaukee Road caboose. Built sometime in 1951, this used to serve the freights around the 1960s and 1970s. I believe that it was retired about the early 1980s.

Caboose, Stone City, IA

Stone City, Iowa
In the area where the tracks used to go through Stone City, Iowa there is one of the old ribside cabooses in the original Milwaukee Road paint scheme.

Caboose, Subula, IA

Subula, Iowa
A display of a Milwaukee Road caboose painted in Milwaukee Road colors/emblem. On the south side of Iowa's only island city beside former Milwaukee tracks. These tracks are presently operated by the Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad. There is also a swing bridge over the Mississippi River at Subula. Accross the river is Savanna, IL which was a major hub for the Milwaukee Road years past.

Caboose, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Dells, WI
A Milwaukee Road caboose of 1956 vintage has been parked in downtown Wisconsin Dells and rebuilt as a restaurant (open April through October) known as "The Rail Dog."
Same serves Vienna Beef hot dogs and Polish sausages, as well as their own original concoction known as "Polish Tacos."

Camanche, IA

Camanche is located about 4 miles southwest of Clinton on what used to be trackage rights on Davenport, Rock Island & Northwestern (DRI) line that was used by the Milwaukee Road between Chicago and Kansas City. Today MILW's successor Canadian Pacific uses the line through its Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary

Camp 20-Milwaukee Road

LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Camp 20 was located on the north side of LaCrosse. From the end of Kane street and you only had to go over the tracks and down to camp 20. My step-father was a car inspector and I brought him his lunch frequently. This was in 1934 so I doubt if any one remembers it. He checked the oily waste in the wheels and then wrote his name on the car. Once he was hit on the head and what money he had was stolen. From then on he sent the men, with a note, to our house to get food. Some days there were men at all three doors and the neighbors would all come out and watch. I loved it when we hopped on the train for a short ride. One of his friends did not get off in time and had to ride all the way to Tomah.

Camp Douglas, WI

Camp Douglas is where the Milwaukee Road intersected with the Chicago & North Western. This is located midway between Wisconsin Dells and Tomah. At one time the Milwaukee Road hosted the Hiawathas and the overnight Pioneer Limited, while the C&NW hosted the overnight North Western Limited and the 400s. Back in the 1980s the C&NW abandoned the route south of here while the route north was nothing but a spur. Nowadays the C&NW's successor, Union Pacific, has called it quits altogether in Camp Douglas, while the Milwaukee Road's successor, Canadian Pacific, is the only player in town with a single track with a passing siding. Once upon a time there was plenty of action in passenger trains, but now only Amtrak's Empire Builder passes through. Think about the once-proud activity that used to be here.

Carver Depot Site, Hastings & Dakota Railway

Carver, Minnesota
Carver, Minnesota is located on the Minnesota River, about 30 miles southwest of Minneapolis. For many years it was a stop for the Hastings and Dakota Railway. In 1867 the Hastings and Dakota Railway was incorporated with the goal of railroad transportation across the Rocky Mountains and continuing on to the Pacific Ocean. Its first company president was General Wm. C. LeDuc, whose 1865 National Register of Historic Places home in Hastings in 1958 became the first property to be acquired by the Minnesota Historical Society. The Hastings and Dakota Railway (H & D) became a division of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway, which was often simply called the Milwaukee Road. The H & D never made it to the Pacific Ocean on its own, but it later became the main line of the Milwaukee Road’s Coast Extension to Seattle, Washington, which was finally completed in 1909. The H & D had two major runs, one northerly along the famous “Lake Street Depression” in Minneapolis, the other a southerly run across a Minnesota River crossing bridge, then through Chaska, Carver, and Cologne.

The Hastings & Dakota Railway reached Carver in 1871, went across the northern portion of town in 1872, and extended through Dahlgren Township, Benton Township, and Young America to Glencoe in McLeod County in 1873. In the 1870s it already stretched across Minnesota to the South Dakota Border at Ortonville, Minnesota. For many years the H & D Railroad maintained a small depot in Carver on platted 7th Street East, and was located immediately to the east of the 7th Street intersection with Lime Streets and to the east of present day Lions Park. During those years 7th Street ran parallel to the railroad tracks and connected to the west at Broadway, the hill up from Broadway not as steep as it is today. At the intersection of Lime and 7th the railroad maintained a large right of way which was there comprised of a double track around the depot in the shape of a large football. Oak Street then ran up the hill from 5th Street to connect the depot with downtown by a hill less steep than Lime Street. The first H & D railroad trestle bridge was probably built in 1872 and crossed over Broadway, just north of downtown, on its way west through Carver. In early 1880 a second trestle bridge was built at the same location, again crossing Broadway. And a new and improved H & D Railroad trestle bridge was built in 1899 that again crossed over North Broadway and Spring Creek, in plain view from downtown on Broadway. This last bridge spanned 356 feet and was about 100 feet in height from the top of the bridge to the bottom of Spring Creek. So high was the bridge, that a heavily loaded train had to back up to the east from the Lime Street Depot and get up a head of steam before enough speed was reached to climb up to the trestle. The bridge was torn down about 1980, but remnants of the bridge’s pylons and limestone footings can still be seen along North Broadway, also known locally as Snake Road and old County Road # 47.

Another much smaller H & D Railroad bridge crossed over Carver County Road #40 as the road entered Carver on the east side. Over time much of the south run of the H & D railroad was abandoned, and during the 1970s much of the last portion of H & D railroad track was abandoned between Shakopee and Cologne, including through Carver. In 1995 the H & D Minnesota River crossing bridge at Chaska was torn down by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers while rebuilding the Chaska flood wall.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Cedarburg, Wisconsin
There are a pair of Milwaukee speeder wheels by the station sign on Cedarburg's northeast side on Portland Road. There is also a former Chicago Great Western caboose parked on an old cannery spur in the back of a subdivision not far from Portland Road.

Chehalis Centralia Railroad Association

Chehalis, Washington
This is the sister railroad to Mt. Rainer Scenic, and it runs on the Centralia-Chehalis line. It leaves from Chehalis and goes to Millburn on Saturday and Sunday, and on the last run of the day on Saturday, it goes to Ruth.

Chippewa Hiawatha Excursion Train

Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Chippewa Hiawatha excursion train is a proposed new excursion that will run in Green Bay. Recently on the internet there have been a number of m.r. diesels and coaches and sleepers for sale. like the fp7a diesel #402 from the Gettysburg Railroad in pa, which is actually the 96c from the 1954 set of fp7aba #96abc. Sleepers like the Vermillion River and a tap lounge are also available. This Chippewa excursion may run either north or south from the remaining tracks that used to come to Green Bay. A short section of track will be rebuilt on the west side of Green Bay from Shawano Ave. to Bond St. and serve as a storage area with a shed built over the tracks. This will also be the site of two other clubs, like the Green Bay Trolley Museum to take advantage of the connection of the M.R. electrification in the western US. Also the Green Bay live steamers union will run on its miniature 7 1/2 " gauge track, with the little trains painted to look like like the MR Chippewa, and freight cars, and iron ore cars. For more information about memberships and donations, please contact: Steven Solway, founder and president, Chippewa-Hiawatha Excursion Train, OR: Green Bay Live Steamers Union, Milwaukee Road Miniature RR, 1331 Bellevue St. Green Bay, WI 54302-2146, Tel: 1 920-469-0011. P.S.: Another project of the Green Bay Live Steamers Union, is to build a 1/8th scale live steam model of the class A 4-4-2 Atlantic #1 from 1935. Please donate generously, thanks.

CNW/ MILW Crossing

Eau Claire , WI
This location was the site of the Eau Claire Tower and the crossing which was abandon sometimes in the late 80's or early 90's. It sits right on Galloway street. The Trail is still there on the right side of the tracks. The CNW Spur which served the Uniroyal Tire Plant is still there. The switch is gone. 

Coal docks, Roundup, MT

Roundup, Montana
Coal Mine Ghost Town of Foster, Iowa Trestle
About 5 mi. North East of Moravia , IA
Supposedly longest curved trestle between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, made out of steel, across a valley, and quite high. Still in operation today.

Colfax Railroad Museum

Colfax, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Road Baggage, Caboose and Flanger on display. Large display of Milwaukee Road dining car china.

Hours: Mid-April-end of May & Sep 1-Sep 30

Sat & Sun 11-4

June,July, and August

Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun 11-4

CP Considering Moving Traffic On D&I Line?

With Canadian Pacific rehabbing its former Milwaukee Road across northern Illinois with welded rail and new ties (latest developments include CP's trackwork progressing toward Davis Junction), rumors state that it wants to send some Chicago-St. Paul traffic, and possibly Chicago-Canada trains to Winnepeg, Calgary and Vancouver over this line (CP calls it the D&I Sub) to allow Amtrak to introduce high-speed rail along the former Milwaukee Road mainline from Chicago to Milwaukee and perhaps to Madison and even LaCrosse in Wisconsin. 

Crossover, Duplainville, WI

Duplainville, WI
Canadian Pacific has its former Milwaukee Road mainline crossing at grade over Canadian National's former Wisconsin Central (nee Soo Line) route to Fond Du Lac. 

Custer Creek, MT (site of 1938 train wreck)

Between Miles City and Terry, Montana
Going east from Miles City, if you follow the paved road down the valley, just to the south of the Yellowstone, you will find signs to Kinsey. This road uses the old Milwaukee grade and the big old Milwaukee right-of-way bridge to carry car and some truck traffic to Kinsey on the north side of the Yellowstone. From Kinsey you can drive on the right of way, on the north side of the Yellowstone, all the way east to Terry, a distance of some 30 miles or so. Just before Terry, you again drive over the Milwaukee Calypso Yellowstone River Bridge. The smaller railroad bridges over the creeks along this stretch are deteriorating, particularly in the central section where there is another county road that is up in the hills, away from the right of way, and which is used now, more than the right of way. However, as of a few years ago the bridges were passable in a passenger car if you looked over the bridge, and then went really slowly.

Among the creeks you cross along this route is Custer Creek, the site of the 1938 train wreck. On June 18, 1938 a cloudburst dumped an estimated 4 to 7 inches of rain on the head of Custer Creek. The increased flow of water weakened the supports of the railroad bridge over Custer Creek. On June 19, 1938, just after midnight as the engine of the crack Olympian rolled onto the bridge at about 50 mph (well below the limit), the bridge collapsed, and the engine and seven passenger cars of the eleven car train went into the rain swollen creek. One sleeping car was submerged. The accident happened close to the spot where Custer Creek empties into the Yellowstone, and although the death toll stands at about 48, this is an estimate, because bodies were swept out from Custer Creek into the Yellowstone, and there was no passenger manifest.

To get there – go to the center of Miles City, and using the DeLorme Atlas, or any map, follow the old highway that goes right up the valley on the south side of the Yellowstone River. When you see the signs to Kinsey, turn off, crossing over the BNSF (old NP) tracks, after which the road will turn northeast, onto the Milwaukee grade, and you can follow the grade across the Kinsey bridge, which is the old Milwaukee Yellowstone River Bridge. You then keep on the right of way for some 20 miles or so, all on the north side of the Yellowstone, until you get to the Calypso Bridge, which you cross, and then follow the gravel road into Terry. Don’t try this in the winter, or in rainy weather.

To sort out Custer Creek from the other Creeks you pass by. You have to get a DeLorme Atlas, and then count your creeks, and watch your landmarks. As of mid 2006, there was no sign or monument.

Dakota IL

The Milwaukee Road ran through this small village during the 1860s and had a small station in the village and the old line is now part of the Jane Addams Trail.

Davis Junction, IL

Davis Junction just south of Rockford is where the Milwaukee Road had their east-west double-track main line headed east to Chicago and west to Omaha. Also, the Milwaukee Road had trackage rights on Burlington Northern's branchline to Rockford from Flagg Center just west of Rochelle and north to Rockford. Now under MILW's western successor Iowa, Chicago & Eastern, the east-west line is now single track with a siding just east of the junction, and IC&E heads north to Rockford to access customers in Janesville, WI, and connections with Wisconsin & Southern and Union Pacific's former C&NW route. The former BN's line south of here is now Illinois Railnet. The former Milwaukee Road no longer goes west to Omaha (it was abandoned and torn up in 1980), but now goes toward Dubuque, Clinton and Davenport. This line sees about 6-10 trains daily under IC&E.

Deer Lodge- Old Prison Museum

Deer Lodge, Montana
See Little Joe E-70,Passenger diesel E-9 36a in UP paint scheme, and a 1956 smooth side bay window caboose now on display. Newly painted. Gold spike from Pacific extension of Milwaukee Road also displayed at this site. Open year round via Deer Lodge exit US I-90 Montana.

Depot & bridge, Glasgow, MO

Glasgow, MO
MO river first all steel bridge in world built 1888 still used

Depot & Freighthouse, Howard, WI

Howard, WI
Depot or freighthouse along Glendale Ave is now an antique shop

Depot & Passenger Station, Sturtevant WI

Sturtevant, WI
1901-era passenger station still standing. Waiting room, washroom and vending machines (soda) are available. Fourteen Amtrak trains daily pass this location, twelve of which make a station stop here. Numerous freight trains )including "The Sturtevant Patrol" pass through town daily. Nearby restaurants, offering everything from fast food to fine sit-down dining. Aside from Amtrak, local bus service from/to Racine pass by the Amtrak station daily (except Sundays). Station is frequented by fans virtually every day -- even weekdays. A great place to go railfanning!

Depot & Railyard, Channing, MI

Channing, Michigan
This ex-Superior Division depot and yard are still in daily use by the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad. The depot and yard were built in 1893 to handle the increase in traffic with the completion of the line to Ontonagon. The building next to the depot was once the trackman's and trainmen's locker rooms and before that was the dispatcher's office. The depot's exterior is little changed from when it was built and the interior still looks like it did 60 years ago. The yard was rebuilt several years ago, but the basic configuration remains from when it held iron ore jennies and log flats. 

Depot & Railyard, Montivideo, MN

Montivideo, MN
Original one story depot restored to original condition. Rail yard with many pieces of Milwaukee Road rolling stock and 1 soon to be 2 locomotives in operational condition. Track that was removed is being replaced, and plans of rebuilding the roundhouse are in effect. Also a operational turn table.

Depot & Railyard, St. Maries, ID

St Maries , ID
The depot and yard are still in use by a short line RR. Many interesting pieces of former Milw equipment still in use including logging cars and wrecking crane. Line operates from Plummer Jct, ID to St. Maries on the former mainline and down the former St. Maries branch to Bovil, ID. Plummer Jct was where the freight main and passenger main (to Spokane) split. UPRR using the Milw passenger main also split at Plummer Jct to go to Kellog-Wallace.

Depot & Roundhouse, Wabasha , MN

Wabasha , MN
The brick roundhouse still stands, but the old depot is gone. Wabasha was once a division point but is very poorly documented in common railroad literature and photographs.

Depot & Substation, South Cle Elum, WA

South Cle Elum, WA
South Cle Elum depot is being restored. Substation still exists along with bunkhouse which is a private B & B. Some minor structures also exist. Foundation for RH and other structure can still be seen. South Cle Elum was a crew chage point until run through to Othello.

Depot and Railyard, Montevideo, MN

Montevideo, Minnesota
See listing for Milwaukee Road Heritage Center, Montevideo, MN for more information

Depot, Aberdeen, SD

Aberdeen, SD
Well maintained 2 story brick, used by the community and the BNSF. West of the depot, maybe an 8 stall roundhouse. GN deport across the street. CNW & M&StL depots nearby.

Depot, Adel, IA

Adel, Iowa

Depot, Akron, IA

Akron, Iowa
The old depot in Akron, Iowa is still standing next to the tracks now used by the Dakota and Iowa Railroad. Tim Philps is the owner. Tim owns Akron Lumber. His wife teaches ballet so they use part of the depot for a dance studio. The Dakota and Iowa railroad is getting more business from the ethonal industry. They ship 40 tank cars several times a month from the new plant in Hudson, South Dakota. Another ethonal plant and a bio-diesel plant is being build in Akron. Currently the railroad mostly carries rock and grain on the line. The railroad recently announced plans to spend 18 million dollars to up grade the line from Elk Point, South Dakota to Canton, South Dakota. They average two trains a day. The line runs from Del Rapids, South Dakota to Sioux City,Iowa. The state of South Dakota bought the line and the Miwaukee Road bankrupcy so grain could be shipped from the south east part of the state. They are in the process of selling the line to BNSF. The line is operated by the Dakota & Iowa Railroad which is owned by the L.G. Everest company. L.G. Everest is in the rock and gravel business. I have several pictures of trains including some BNSF trains that temporarily used the line two or three years ago. I have access to some old pictues of the depot if anyone is interested. You can reach me at

Depot, Albert Lea, MN

Albert Lea, Minnesota
The Milwaukee Road Depot serves as a "Bottle" Shop in Albert Lea. The Depot is in excellent condition. However, the freight depot to the west is in poor shape.

Depot, Alberton, MT

Alberton, Montana
The Milwaukee Railroad Depot in Alberton is now being used as a Senior Citizens Center and it doubles as a town hall and community center. There is a celebration there called Alberton Railroad Days on the third Saturday every July. People gather to remember the good ole days of the Milwaukee Railroad.

Depot, Alpha, MN

Alpha, Minnesota
The Alpha, Minnesota, depot is at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Jackson, Minnesota. It is identical to the Wirock, Minnesota, depot that was moved to the Pioneer Village in Worthington, Minnesota.

Depot, Appleton, MN

Appleton, MN
The former Milwaukee one story wood station was bought from the railroad and moved to Reuss Avenue on the west side of town. The owner converted it to a home and the exterior is faithfully restored (except for the paint color)

Depot, Austin, MN

Austin, Minnesota
The Milwaukee Road depot was built in the early 1950's. It now serves as a drivers license bureau. The large Milwaukee Road sign is still present.

Depot, Avery, ID

Avery , Idaho
Depot is now a museum and post office.

Depot, Avoca, WI

Avoca, Wisconsin
The Avoca, WI depot was sold by the railroad, then used as a feed mill and finally for storage. It is now being restored.

Depot, Bartlett, IL

Bartlett, IL
Built in 1873 by town founder, Luther Bartlett, the Bartlett depot is the only original station remaining on the Milwaukee District West Line. It is the third oldest station in the Chicago metro area. Once the new Metra Station is completed in 2007, this historic station will become the Bartlett Depot Musuem. The musuem will highlight Bartlett's rail history through permanent and changing exhibits. 

Depot, Beaver Dam, WI

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
This building, the second depot built, was designed with location as its primary intent. Set in the heart of Beaver Dam's business district, it was a convenient connection to Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Paul and surrounding cities, providing important passenger and freight service to this small, but progressive rural community. The depot now houses the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce.

Depot, Bedford, IN

Bedford, Indiana
The depot is clearly visible from bot "I" & "J" streets just north of the Bedford downtown square. It is a stunning, ornately detailed, limestone structure with a red clay roof. Still a beautiful building despite its dilapidated condition.

Depot, Belgrade , MT (Northern Pacific)

Belgrade, Montana
This Northern Pacific depot was found on moving blocks as of August, 2005. Contacted City of Belgrade about structure and was told the structure is privately owned, waiting to be moved. Although it is not a Milwaukee depot, still an interesting place to visit if you are in the area.

Depot, Belgrade, MT

Manhattan, Montana
The Belgrade depot of the Milwaukee was moved to Manhattan a number of years ago and converted into apartments. In the course of the move it lost its freight section, but it is still obviously a two story CM&StP station. The Railroad Station Historical Society website had it listed as being from Camp Creek, but we confirmed in June, 2006 that it did come from Belgrade. Current address is 305 E Railroad St

Depot, Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, Washington

Depot, Bensenville, IL

Located just west of the former Milwaukee Road's yard now operated by successor Canadian Pacific, the station stop at Bensenville is operated by Metra. It is also located just a few steps west of Tower B-17, which is still staffed by Metra and CP.

Depot, Berlin, WI

Berlin, WI
The depot in Berlin is now Berlin depot antiques. The caboose which was downtown (992120) was sold to a private owner who has moved it outside the city in the Berlin area.

Depot, Beulah, IA

Beulah, Iowa

Depot, Big Timber Rd., Metra Milwaukee West Line

Metra's Big Timber Road depot is on the former Milwaukee Road's west line and located on the northwest side of Elgin. West of Randall Road the ownership of the line changes from Metra to Milwaukee Road's western successor Iowa, Chicago & Eastern, and from welded rail to MILW-era jointed rail. The former MILW double track ends east of the Coombs Road Bridge and the Highland Avenue grade crossing.

Depot, Black Earth, WI

Black Earth, WI
The Milwaukee Road depot in Black Earth still stands on the right of way and has been nicely restored. Located just south of HWY 14 on Mills Street (HWY 78/CTY F) at the (ex-MILW now WSOR) tracks that lead to Prairie du Chien. The sign outside indicates it is a museum open from the last Sunday in May, but the door was locked when I visited in June of 2009. Interesting side note; there is an operating wig wag signal (on a striped post!) on the same tracks approximately 1 mile east of the depot, visible from HWY 14 which runs adjacent to the mainline.

Depot, Boscobel, WI

Boscobel, Wisconsin
Restored Milwaukee Road depot on the former Milwaukee Road line between Madison,WI and Praire du Chien, WI. Thrall caboose displays and even a minature rail road ride. This line is still in operation by the Wisconsin & Southern.

Depot, Bouton, IA

Bouton, IA
Still exists but privately owned and moved 1 block SW of original site.

Depot, Bowman, ND

Bowman, ND
The original two-story Milwaukee Depot still exists as a home just Southeast of the new High School, on the West part of town. Unfortunately, it has been heavily remodeled.
The second Milwaukee Depot is now located in Dickinson, ND just off I-94 and is now used as a restaurant & bar.

Depot, Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, Montana
Brick station used during teens and twenties is being torn down as this is written (8/18/03, bricks and other artifacts are to be saved and incorporated into a new commercial structure). Station was heavily documented by city of Bozeman before demolition started. Apparently was abandoned for several years (and suffered a fire in the roof at the south end) after being used for various commercial purposes. Nearby freight house (formed concrete) still stands and has a prominent (new) Milwaukee Road graphic on it. Other rail-associated warehouse and grain buildings still stand, some have been recycled into uses such as a micro brewery, etc. Contact city of Bozeman historic preservation officer for more information.

Depot, Brodhead, WI

Brodhead, Wisconsin
Beautiful museum now on current Wisconsin & Southern line between Janesville and Monroe. FM Switcher 781 and Milwaukee homebuilt caboose (number unknown) parked behind depot.

Depot, Brookfield, WI

Brookfield, WI

Depot, Butte, MT

Butte, Montana
The depot, built in 1916,has a 95 foot clock tower. The depot has been home to KXLF tv station since 1957. It was restored in the 1970's and is in excellent condition. One of the finest Milwaukee Road depots still in existence.

Depot, Canton, SD

Canton, SD
The Canton Depot Foundations is currently restoring this old Milwaukee Road Depot.

Depot, Carnation, WA

Carnation, Washington
Depot moved 1 block south west from original spot and made into private home.

Carson, ND

Depot is in orange and brown on Fairgrounds

Depot, Cedar Falls, WA

Covington , WA
Former Cedar Falls depot now a private residence that has been heavily modified. Relocated to an area south of Covington.

Depot, Chanhassen, MN.

Chanhassen, Minnesota
The depot has been restored and moved to within a few feet of it's original location.

Depot, Chaska MN

Chaska, MN
Joint depot along with M&StL. Currently used by retail stores. On the Hastings & Dakota.

Depot, Chatsworth, Iowa

Chatsworth, Iowa
The Chatswoth IA Milwaukee depot is a vacant house located between 111 and 117 East 12th Street in Hawarden, Iowa.

Depot, Chehalis, WA

Chehalis, WA
Depot has undergone restoration and is used as a station for the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad. The railroad runs on former Milwaukee Road trackage. Their website is:

Depot, Christine, ND

The former Milwaukee depot in Christine, North Dakota, on the old Fargo & Southern is now a bar on the main street in Christine.

Depot, Cicero-Grand in Chicago, IL

This new station stop on Metra's Milwaukee West line replaces the old Milwaukee Road stop at Hermosa. 

Depot, Clinton, MN

Clinton, Minnesota
Located on the line from the Twin Cities to Fargo. This small depot has been restored and is located near the grain elevators. The tracks have been removed.

Depot, Columbus, WI

Columbus, WI
Still in use today by Amtrak's Empire Builder, this former Milwaukee Depot is at 359 N. Ludington St.

Depot, Council Bluffs, IA

Council Bluffs, Iowa
1899 Rock Island passenger depot that was shared with the Milwaukee Road for most of the 20th century. Now a museum that includes a historical display of Milwaukee Road items.

Depot, Crivitz, WI

Crivitz, WI
The depot on Hall Ave in Crivitz looks to be in good shape but is boarded up. Some days you can see loggers loading their days work on bulkend flatcars

Depot, Dancy, WI

Dancy , Wisconsin
The Milwaukee Depot at Dancy, WI still stands. It is now a private residence, west of the tracks on Milwaukee's Wisconsin Valley Line.

Dancy is in southern Marathon County, at the intersection of State Highway 34, and County Road C. The depot is just west of the grade crossing on County Road C, on the south side of the road.

Depot, Danube, MN

Danube, Minnesota
This depot has been moved several times. It is now located once again in Danube by the water tower. Currently in the process of fixing it up.

Depot, Decorah, IA

Decorah, Iowa
The Milwaukee was one of two railroads that served the Northeastern Iowa town. The Milwaukee Road Depot is still standing and is currently being used as a chiropractic office.

Depot, Deer Lodge, MT

Deer Lodge, Montana
Depot still stands; currently serving as a church.

Depot, Deerfield, IL

Deerfield, IL
Built in 1872, the Deerfield depot currently serves as a stop for Metra's Milwaukee Road North Line.

Depot, DeForest, WI

DeForest, WI
The depot is in downtown by Chase Lumber by city garage across tracks. was last seen in 2006 when passing through for graduation. I have got photos from when going to high school back in 1970's of Milwaukee Road trains passing by. The building is similar to Morrisonville, WI. depot but is in better condition.

Depot, Delmar, IA

Delmar, Iowa
Former Milwaukee Road Depot on the former right of way of Milwaukee Road's main line between Green Island, Iowa and Marion,Iowa and on to Council Bluffs,Iowa. It has been restored and has displays,old photos and a small gift shop. It is open weekends only between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. 

Depot, Durand, WI

Durand , Wisconsin
Durand,WI is located on a branch line that ran from Minnesota to Menominee and Eau Claire,WI.

The Milwaukee Road depot in Durand still stands. Durand is south southwest of Eau Claire on Hwy 85.

The depot is located near downtown. The depot is in need of restoration. Also the former Milwaukee Road line is now a recreation trail from Durand to Eau Claire. There is still some rail near the depot.

Depot, Duvall, WA

Duvall, Washington
Depot still stands, but moved south from original spot. Owned by town, and used as a community building/museum.

Depot, Edgeley, ND

Edgeley, North Dakota
The joint Midland Continental-Milwaukee Depot in Edgeley, ND, is on a farm located on US 281, 4 miles north of ND 13

Depot, Elgin, IL

Elgin, Illinois
The depot of Elgin, Illinois is still in use by Metra. It was built in 1947. It is shown on page 17 of Third Quarter 2004 Milwaukee Railroader.

Depot, Elkhart Lake, WI

Elkhart Lake, WI
Old depot in Elkhart lake now houses the historical society and a gift shop. Feedmill across the street also is a point of interest housing several small shops. Elkhart Lake is a tourist town between Milwaukee and Green bay

Depot, Ellensburg, WA

Ellensburg, WA
No information submitted

Depot, Elmwood Park, IL

Elgin, IL
Metra owns and operates this station stop at Elmwood Park, which was an outpost when the Milwaukee Road once operated this line. Metra has a new depot near the location of the old MILW station stop.

Depot, Empire, SD

Empire, SD
The former Empire SD Milwaukee depot from still survives as a storage building at Fischer Plumbing, just SE of Empire

Depot, Everett, WA
Everett, WA
Train Depot currently a restaurant

Depot, Fairview, SD
Fairview, SD
The Depot was a 2 wooden sided freight cars (Box cars) connected end to end and placed on the ground. one car contained the agents office, waiting room and freight house with the access to the freight room via a sliding door. If it was the original boxcar door I can't remember. The other car (east end) was the agents living quarters - one large room. The agents living quarters end was moved about 300 yards to the north across the right of way to the farm we owned sometime around 1955-57 (after the station was closed - my dad was the last agent) and used for a shop and storage area. The agents office/ freight house was still standing in the early 60's when I left the area, but do not know what happened after that. 

Depot, Faribault, MN
Faribault, Minnesota
The Milwaukee Road Depot still stands in Faribault. The depot has been renovated and was open for lease for a suitable business at the time I stopped by. The tracks are still in use.

Depot, Fernwood, ID
Fernwood, Idaho
Located on the Elk River Branch from St. Maries, Fernwood depot still stands was used by St. Maries River Railroad as storage, now sits abandoned. Town of Fernwood is trying to purchase the building for a museum/community building.

Depot, Fernwood, ID
Fernwood, Idaho
Depot still standing and used by St. Maries RR. Located 26 mi. by rail south on the St. Maries Branch

I was raised in that building...

Depot, Flandreau, SD
Flandreau, South Dakota
A two story Milwaukee depot, Eastlake style, similar to the one in Fulda, Mn, is restored by the Moody County Historical Society and is at the east end of town in the Pioneer Park

Depot, Forest Glen in Chicago, IL
Elgin, IL
Metra owns and operates five station stops, all in Chicago's Northwest Side, that are leftovers from the former Milwaukee Road. These are called Healy, Grayland, Mayfair, Edgebrook and Forest Glen. The Milwaukee Road once owned these five outposts that now serve as station stops on Metra's Milwaukee North line. Now we know that MILW named these station stops for the various neighborhoods near its base in Chicago's Union Station.

Depot, Fort Atkinson, IA
Fort Atkinson, Iowa
An Hay Broker in Fort Aktinson purchased the Milwaukee depot and chained sawed it two. Both parts are now used for storage, one painted green and the other yellow with lettering "Hay" and "Straw" respectively to replace the signboards

Depot, Fox Lake, WI
Fox Lake , WI
Historic Depot is located on S. College (off of hwy. 33) and now houses a small museum. The building looks to be kept up well and in good shape

Depot, Freeport, IL
Freeport, IL
Old Milwauke Depot slated to be restored by the City of Freeport.

Depot, Fulda, MN
Fulda, Minnesota
Fulda's Depot, the only surviving Eastlake-style two-story depot in southwestern Minnesota, was built in 1880, near track laid by the Southern Minnesota Railroad Company (later known as the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company, or the Milwaukee, Road, and after that the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company). In 1980, the tracks were removed and the Fulda Heritage Society has restored the Depot. It is furnished with many historical items. During the summer months, the Depot is open to the public. It is hoped that either a dining car, engine or caboose can be obtained to be placed near the Depot.

Depot, Genoa, IL
Genoa, Illinois
Depot has been moved several blocks south and west to a site along Main Street, Rte 72. The depot is restored and used as a historical museum.

Depot, Glencoe, MN
Glencoe, MN
The former Milwaukee Road depot still stands on the north side of downtown Glencoe along what is now the tracks of the Twin Cities & Western RR. The TC&W is celebrating its 15th anniversary in June/July 2006. It still uses the depot for storage, though its office and diesel house are about 1.5 miles east on the east side of Glencoe. Efforts are under way to create a new yard, 4-6 tracks possible, on Glencoe's east side in the coming years. It would replace switching now down in the Hopkins, St. Louis Park areas of the western Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Depot, Golf, IL
Elgin, IL
Golf is located just south of Glenview on Metra's Milwaukee North Line. The Canadian Pacific, successor to the Milwaukee Road, has its tracks cross over the village's namesake road (now Route 58) near the station.

Depot, Grafton, IA
Grafton, IA
Depot was turned into museum some years ago. Does it still exist?
Depot, Granite Falls, MN
Granite Falls, Minnesota
The depot has been relocated in town and is now part of a restaurant. Located off highway 212.

Depot, Grayslake, IL
Elgin, IL
Grayslake is where Metra's Milwaukee North Line has a nice station, situated just minutes from the other station on the North Central Service on the Canadian National's former Soo Line main from Chicago to Fond du Lac, Superior and St. Paul. Grayslake is also home to one of the Milwaukee Road's successor roads, Wisconsin & Southern, which has service between Chicago and Janesville.

Depot, Great Falls, MT
Great Falls, MT
Historical and newly restored train depot tower in Great Falls.

Depot, Green Bay, WI
Green Bay, WI
The Milwaukee Road passenger station is located on the east side of the Fox River, just South of down town Green Bay. For many years, it was the site of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce, but they moved out in 2008 to the West side intersection of Dousman and Broadway. The M.R. station at 400 South Washington St. is now for sale. We want to make it into a memorial museum about the M.R. and the passenger trains like the Chippewa and the Copper Country Ltd., plus the Alley Track that used to run through the tunnel in the H.C. Pranges' department store, then go to the paper mills by the East River, and the Mrs. Karls' bread factory by East Main Street. Please help us in preserving this fine station built of stone and brick. It is also located at the North end of the Fox River Trail that used to be the M.R. Superior Division. This Station will be both a museum for the Milwaukee Road, as well as a shelter house for the hikers and bikers on the trail. We also want to build a large H.O. scale model railroad that will have examples of the passenger, freight, and iron ore trains that ran on this section of the MILWAUKEE ROAD from 1873 until 1986, when it was merged into the Soo Line. For more information about supporting this project, volunteers and donations, please contact: The Green Bay, Milwaukee Road and Chippewa passenger train station and Museum, Steven Solway, Fund Raising Chairman, 1331 Bellevue St., #229, Green Bay, WI 54302-2146, Tel: 1-920-469-0011. Submitted on Thursday, October 29, 2009

Depot, Griffin, ND
Griffin, ND
According to North Dakota Place Names, p. 81, the post office and Milwaukee Road railroad station was named Atkinson until February 10, 1908 when the name was changed to Griffin in honor of Henry T. Griffin, the Assistant General Passenger Agent for the railroad. According to the December 27, 1900 edition of The New York Times, "Henry T. Griffin has assumed the duties of Assistant General Passenger Agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul Railway Company." Griffin, ND is about 7 miles west of Bowman, ND and about 6 miles east of Rhame, ND

Depot, Hanover Park, IL
Elgin, IL
The Milwaukee Road once called this location Ontarioville. Now known as Hanover Park, the depot on the former MILW west line is operated by Metra.

Depot, Harlowton MT
Harlowton, Montana
Artifacts are being solicited for a depot museum. Garish paint is thankfully fading. Roundhouse still stands and is being used for grain/hay storage. A flatbed-mounted snow plow and catenary maintenance vehicle have been spotted on short (can't be much shorter or trucks would be in the sand!) lengths of track, but all other track has been removed (the box cab locomotive is located on US 12 in the center of Harlowton). Barbed wire fences make accessing other parts of the site difficult, and no trace of catenary remains. 
About 35 miles further west on US 12, take a side road south towards Martinsdale (a short cut to US 89). At the pass south of the Castle Mountains, a generating station stands right next to the road, and many signals (vandalized) make it easy to pick out the abandoned right-of-way that traverses the tree-less rangeland.

Depot, Harmony, MN
Harmony, Minnesota
The depot is located in town and is currently being used as a gift shop.

Depot, Hawarden, IA
Hawarden, Iowa
The freight house from the Milwaukee Depot is now a house at 1115 Falcon Ave North (Avenue P) in Hawarden

Depot, Hickson, ND
Rollag, MN
The old Hickson, ND depot from the Fargo Branch is located on the grounds of the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion near Rollag, MN. about 30 miles south east of Fargo, ND. Grounds is open every Labor Day weekend. A Soo Line 0-6-0 and an 0-4-0 tank engine steam past the depot on the two and a half mile oval around the grounds. A telegraphing demonstration is done in the depot all four days of the reunion.

Depot, Hilbert, WI
Hilbert, WI
Old depot is located along Cedar street between 4th and 5th.Its boarded up but still has the Hilbert sign.
Hilbert is a junction town between Green Bay and Milwaukee that the Soo Line crossed.I don't know if the Soo used the depot.  
Info added 7/17/07
The Soo Line did not use the depot at Hilbert. The Soo Line had their own depot/tower at Hilbert Jct. I was the agent at Hilbert Jct. in Winter/Spring of 1965/1966. We did have to copy orders from the MILW dispatcher for our trains to go from St.Paul Switch (Hilbert Jct) to Menasha Jct. in Menasha.

Depot, Hopkins. MN 

Description: I am interested in the depot as it's on the TCWR route west to Glencoe, which I model on my home train layout! 

Depot, Hornick, IA
Hornick, IA Locally preserved combination depot. Downstairs remains much as it was when the Milwaukee abandoned the line; the upstairs living quarters have been restored to their pre-electric appearance.

A non-profit group cares for the depot, under the leadership of Marion LaBrune, the widow of the last depot agent.
Depot, Hosmer, SD
Hosmer, South Dakota

Depot, Howard, WI
Howard WI, WI
This building was known as Cormier station and is looking for a new owner

Depot, Hudson, SD
Hudson , South Dakota
The old Milwaukee Depot in Hudson is still standing and is in pretty good shape. It will be getting new windows and paint next summer. The interior still has its bead board ceiling and heavy wood paneled walls. The wood floors and still in excellent shape. You can contact me at if you have any questions or would like to see the interior of the old depot.

Depot, Huntley, MN
Huntley, Minnesota
The Huntley Milwaukee Depot was nicely restored by the city and sits at the east end of town.

Depot, Ingomar, MT
Ingomar, Montana
Structure is still standing, but unoccupied as of 2005. Structure is located just off Highway 12.

Depot, Ione, WA
Ione, WA
Structure used as a depot for the Lion's Club railroad track 4 seat rail bicycle excursion events, Bikers travel from Ione to Box Canyon and back on the rail.

Depot, Itasca , IL
Itasca, Illinois
Itasca's historical socity maintains the old depot as a town museum. It is now about .25 of a mile west of where it used to sit, at the corner of Irving park rd(RT 19) and Walnut ave. I belive the depot was built in 1899.
Depot, Jefferson, IA
Jefferson , Iowa
This Milwaukee Road depot has been restored as the Milwaukee Road had it. It is open for the public to tour.

Depot, Joyce, WA
Joyce, WA
This depot was built entirely out of Alaska yellow cedar logs in 1915. It is the last log depot built by the MILW that is still standing. It is now used by the City of Joyce as a museum.

Depot, Junius, SD
Junius, SD 
The small Milwaukee depot at Junius, SD, was sold to a farmer and used for storage. The Prarie Village Museum, just west of Madison, SD, now owns it, restored, at the Museum

Depot, Kittitas, WA
Kittitas , WA
I-90, Exit 115. The 1909 depot is one of two Milwaukee Road depots that still exist in the state. It retains much of its integrity and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Depot, La Motte, Iowa
La Motte, IA
The last unaltered Milwaukee Road Narrow Gauge depot in Iowa. Restored recently. Also has an unrestored narrow gauge box car near by.
Depot, LaCrosse, WI
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
When the Milwaukee & LaCrosse Railroad reached LaCrosse in 1858, it constructed its depot near the Mississippi at north shore of the mouth of the LaCrosse River. This location served the railroad well in doing business with the steamboat lines, but the separation from the city center, south of the river, became a contentious issue, that came to a head in 1874 when the Packet War Eagle (boat), depot, and freight house were mysteriously burned. Note that in 1876 the (CM&StP) railroad bridge across the Mississippi was constructed from near to mouth of the Black River, across several islands to (LaCrescent) Minnesota, basically an extension of main line through North LaCrosse, several miles north of (South) LaCrosse proper.

Subsequent to that, the now, Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Railroad, agreed to build a line into downtown LaCrosse. In 1879 the elegant Cameron House, a combination depot, hotel, and employee residence was built at 2nd and Vine Streets. For a time it was LaCrosse’s largest hotel, and even hosted a presidential visit. In 1916, the Cameron House burned down (no foul play involved), and was replaced with a temporary wooden structure (the adjacent “Freight House” survived the fire, and exists today as a restaurant of that name).

A ten year war of wills ensued, as the city used this occasion to press for the construction of a downtown “union station” to be used by all five railroads supplying passenger service at that time (GB&W curtailed its passenger service in 1923). The Milwaukee Road however preferred to locate a new station along its main line through North LaCrosse, in order eliminate the backup maneuver needed to get trains to the downtown depot. The CM&StP at one point offered to make their proposed North LaCrosse depot a union station (all these rr’s intersected at “Grand Crossing”) and a flat 25 cent taxi rate to and from any downtown hotel. The other railroads, C&NW, CB&Q, and the LaCrosse & Southeastern (which would shut down in 1933) also were against the union station proposal. Lawsuits were filed back and forth, however, when similar case in California was ruled by the US Supreme Court against that city, the City of LaCrosse subsequently gave up its pursuit**. The opening of the station also required a re-write of the timetables, because the elimination of the back-up maneuver shortened the travel time of all through routes by about 30 minutes.

On January 31,1927, a reported 6,000 people, including the Mayor, attended the dedication of the Milwaukee Road’s new $350,000 North LaCrosse (601 St. Andrew St) station. LaCrosse’s Grace McLindon Bartl, backed up by the CM&StP Quartet, appropriately sang “Indian Love Song" and the proceeding was broadcast live on WKBH radio.

Since its construction, the station has always been an operating passenger train depot, becoming LaCrosse’s Amtrak depot in 1971. Over time, the station fell into some disrepair, including the loss of its platform cover. In conjunction with the Atlanta Olympics, the station received a minor face lift, as LaCrosse was a train stop for the Olympic Torch. In 2001, the station, received a much larger face lift, which included a new platform cover, while much of the interior of the station and freight house were

remodeled as business sites. However, the marble floored and walled waiting room, with its benches, and original wooden ticket counter remain intact.

** Of note here is that 10 years later, in an obvious change of attitude and policy, the City of LaCrosse urged the Burlington Route to move its downtown depot to its eastside

(bypass) freight line (the north-south CB&Q passenger line ran through the full length of (South) LaCrosse, and the multiple city street level crossings were viewed as a safety

hazard. A new east side CB&Q station was opened in 1941 and was in use until Amtrak, but sadly razed since - the old CB&Q station was demolished and its track through the heart of the City was also removed. In the late 40’s, the C&NW downtown station (which also required a back up maneuver, but was bypassed by the Minnesota 400) was closed and demolished, and it’s trackage into LaCrosse was abandoned, after which the passenger stop was only at the Onalaska depot.
Depot, Lake City, MN
Lake City, MinnesotaDepot, Lake Forest, IL
Elgin, IL
Lake Forest is located about six miles north of Deerfield on Metra's Milwaukee North Line. The Milwaukee Road used to call this location West Lake Forest, but with the city of Lake Forest proper now incorporated at this location, Metra calls this depot part of the city as well.
Depot, Lanesboro, MN
Lanesboro, Minnesota
A replica of the old Lanesboro depot is located next to where the old tracks ran through town. The root river bike trail runs on quite a bit of the old railbed from Lanesboro to Rushford.
Depot, Libertyville, IL
Elgin, IL
Libertyville is home to Metra's Milwaukee North Line. Situated about four miles west of Rondout where the route joins the mainline, Libertyville has a nice station. Libertyville is also where one of the Milwaukee Road's successors, Wisconsin & Southern, has a freight service between Chicago and Janesville and other points.
Depot, Mabel, MN
Mabel, Minnesota
The Mabel depot is located in twon next the the city park. Tracks have long since been removed.
Depot, Madison, WI
Madison, WI
Located 6 blocks from Capitol Square on W Washington Ave., the depot is currently occupied by Willy Street Bicycles and several offices. Next to the depot is a Milwaukee Road engine with several passenger cars, all of which are occupied by small shops and businesses.
Depot, Marinette, WI
Marinette, Wisconsin
The Milwaukee Road depot, currently owned by EL&S, appeared to be doomed under the former mayor of Marinette. However, he was not re-elected and the new mayor, Doug Oitzinger(a history major) is working to utilize the building near a new proposed Wahlgreen Drug store on the main street of Marinette. In fact, the DOT wishes the building saved, as it could provide some incentive for tourists to stop in downtown Marinette. I would be happy to e mail digital pics of same.

Professor James LaMalfa, UW Marinette and member of Historical Preservation Board, City of Marinette.
Depot, Marion, IA
Marion, Iowa
The depot in Marion, IA has been changed into a shelter at one of Marion's city parks. Also, there is a restored Millwakee Road cabuose at this park, which is along side former Millwakee Road main line track, which is out of service. 
Depot, Marquette, IA
Marquette, Iowa 52158
The depot from the original line to Prairie du Chien was moved to Marquette, Iowa and restored. It is now a travel center, with a museum of RR items and a restored caboose. I do not have the phone number, but you can get further information from the Marquette Hardware at 563-873-1200. The workmanship is excellent.
Depot, Marshfield, WI
Marshfield, WI
Roundhouse and depot
Depot, Mazomanie, WI
Mazomanie, Wisconsin
The oldest wooden depot in Wisconsin, now restored as the Mazomanie Public Library.
Depot, Medinah, IL
Elgin, IL
The depot at Medinah is owned and operated by Metra. Located on the Milwaukee West line, this is a leftover from the former Milwaukee Road, along with station stops at Morton Grove, Deerfield, Itasca, Wood Dale, Elgin and Western Avenue in Chicago.
Depot, Menominee, MI
Menominee, MI
Depot, Metaline Falls, WA
Metaline Falls, WA
Extant structure located in Metaline Falls, WA.
Depot, Miles City, MT
Miles City, Montana
Structure still stands; currently a school district building as of 2005.
Depot, Menominee, MI
Menominee, MI
Currently for sale, this late Victorian style train depot was designed by architect James Nettenstrom and built in 1903 as a Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Passenger Railway Station (Milwaukee Road). It is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. On the property, there are old railroad tracks, and below the current grade, are the original platform and brickwork.

The building is a rectangular wooden structure and has a hip roof with a gabled center section. Siding is pine clapboard above vertical tongue and groove pine.

The building has over 2000 square feet of interior floor space, and approximately 500 square feet of outdoor area under the passenger pavilion. It is centered on 1.1 acres (6 city lots )
Depot, Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Depot, Mineral Point, WI
Mineral Point, WI
Depot, Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Milwaukee depot has been restored and now operates as a Hotel with historic rooms located on the upper floors of the Depot. The shed has been converted to an indoor ice skating rink. The hotel has many photos and other historical items from the many railroads that have served the Minneapolis area over the years.
Depot, Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
In Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis is the Milwaukee Road's "Princess" Depot. A gem from 1875 that is today owned by the Minnesota Historical Society and is staffed by members of the Minnesota Transportation Museum on Sundays and holidays in the summer months. 

Well worth a visit, and unlike the downtown Minneapolis depot, the Princess still has tracks, which occasionally host visiting CP Rail business cars.
Depot, Missoula, MT
Missoula, MT.
On the grounds at Fort Missoula,the home of the Missoula Model Railroad Club.
Depot, Mobridge, SD
Mobridge, SD
The former Mobridge, SD, depot was cut in two. The passenger section is on the east side of town, just north of US 12. It was a coffee shop, now closed. The freight section sits about a mile north of Selby, SD, in a pasture just east of US 12
Depot, Monona, IA
Monona, Iowa
Froelich was on the branch line between Beulah,Iowa (west of Spook Cave) and Elkader,Iowa. The country store is still in existence and is a museum. The local historical society has reconstructed the local depot near its' original location. The tracks were pulled up about 1972. They are also slowly acquiring some rolling stock to have on rail laid by the depot. The depot on the same line at Farmersburg, Iowa still exists and is in use as a garage. 
Depot, Monroe, WA
Monroe, WA
Former depot that still stands; currently a hair salon and a auto body shop occupy the building (2005).
Depot, Monroe, WI
Monroe, WI
This depot has been moved from its original location to a spot along hwy 69. It is now a welcome center and cheese making museum, but retains most of its railroad features.
Depot, Mont Clare in Chicago
Elgin, IL
Mont Clare is situated on Metra's Milwaukee West Line about 10 miles west of Union Station. It has a relatively new station that replaced the Milwaukee Road-era outpost that was common on many secondary stops on MILW's commuter lines. Today, only a handful of Milwaukee Road outposts still remain, now on Metra's Milwaukee North Line and all in Chicago. 
Depot, Morrisonville, WI
Morrisonville, WI
The Morrisonville Depot is located on the old Madison to Portage Road of the former Milwaukee Road in Morrisonville, Wisconsin. Morrisonville is on the Dane/Columbia County border in south central Wisconsin
Depot, Morton Grove, IL
Elgin, IL
Another leftover from the old Milwaukee Road is the depot at Morton Grove, now owned and operated by Metra. Located on Metra's Milwaukee North line between Chicago and Deerfield, this depot can be really busy during the morning and evening rush.
Depot, Morton, WA
Morton, Washington
Existing two story depot at end of Morton Branch in Washington State.

UPDATE, January 2008

Depot was relocated in October, 2005 and is undergoing renovation for a late 2008 opening.
Depot, Mosinee, WI
Mosinee, WI
Depot, Muscatine, IA
Muscatine, IA
What was the Milwaukee Road's last depot in Muscatine still stands. It is now used by regional shortline Iowa Chicago & Eastern as offices. The depot was part of the line between Davenport, IA & Ottumwa, IA, which is where the BNSF diamond is found. You'll find it at 300 Grandview Avenue in Muscatine. Railroads have come and gone, like the Rock Island, Milwaukee, CP/SOO & the I&M Rail Link. The Iowa, Chicago, & Eastern remains in Muscatine as a freight railroad. The major customers are Grain Processing Corporation and Union Tank Car Company. For more info on the IC&E, visit the unofficial webpage at:
Depot, Mystic, IA
Mystic, Iowa
Depot, National Street in Elgin, IL
Elgin, IL
Once a simple outpost for Milwaukee Road's west line from Chicago Union Station to Elgin, National Street is now a state-of-the-art depot now operated by the city of Elgin and Metra. 
Depot, Neenah, WI
Neenah, WI
Located on WC's Neenah - Manitowac branch, former Milwaukee Road Depot (M&N) located at or about 323 W. Forest Ave.
Depot, New Albin, IA
New Albin, Iowa
A small portable depot that was once in Reno, MN. New Albin is the first town on the Dubuque to LaCrosse line as you enter Iowa. The depot and tracks are currently being used by the Iowa Chicago & Eastern Railroad.
Depot, New England, ND
New England, North Dakota
Depot, New Glarus, WI
New Glarus, WI
The two story Milwaukee Road depot in New Glarus has been nicely restored. The former right-of-way to Monticello, Albany and Brodhead is now the Sugar River bike trail.
Depot, Northfield, MN
Northfield, MN
1888 Milwaukee Depot in Richardsonian style--red brick with broad overhangs. With the depot in in poor repair, plans are being made to move and restore it.
Depot, Nowthen, MN
Nowthen, Minnesota
The Biscay depot is now located in the Nowthen Threshing Grounds in Northern Anoka County. The depot has been preserved and is in good shape.
Depot, Oakland, MN
Austin, MN
Milwaukee Road Depot was moved from Oakland Mn to the fairgrounds in Austin Mn
Depot, Oakland, MN
Oakland, MN
The Oakland, Mn, Milwaukee depot now is at the Mower County Fairgrounds in Austin, Minnesota. Next to it under a shed is the last steam engine operated on the Milwaukee Lines.
Depot, Oconomowoc, WI
Oconomowoc, WI
CMStP&P president and Oconomowoc resident Albert Earling had a stately fieldstone passenger station built by the railroad for the city in 1896. Still in excelent condition, it now serves as the Main Street Depot Restraunt. Trackside seats allow you to enjoy your meal with the best indoor train viewing location for miles. The interior is decorated with many photographic and train related items.

Across on the south side of the tracks, is the restored passenger "umbrella" shed.

In the fall of 2002, the depot owners had a turn of the century heavyweight passenger car placed on the property for renting for parties and gatherings.
Depot, Ontonagon, MI
Ontonagon, Michigan
This depot is still in daily use by the Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad with a station agent on duty Monday-Friday and a section crew based out of it. It was built in 1896 to replace the station that burned when the entire town of Ontonagon was destroyed by fire caused by the Diamond Match Sawmill catching on fire due to a forest fire. It is little changed from when the Chippewa terminated in Ontonagon. The agent's office has been somewhat modernized, but the waiting room is original complete with a remaining ticket window.
Depot, Ottumwa, IA
Ottumwa, Iowa
Train Depot that was located on Sherman Street in Ottumwa, Iowa in the 1940's
Depot, Owatonna, MN
Owatonna, Minnesota
The Bixby depot is located at the Steele county Fairgrounds in Owatonna. The depot is part of the Steele County Historical Society.
Depot, Panora, IA
Panora, Iowa
Depot is restored and relocated in park on south edge of town. Railroad grade is now bike path. (updated 6/19/06)
Depot, Pembine, WI
Pembine, WI
Depot is still used as maintenance facility by CP Rail for maintaining track between Goodman and Menomenee River. EL&S runs a train daily from Ontnogan and Green Bay.
Depot, Perry, IA
Perry, Iowa
As a subdivision, it's not to be missed.
Depot, Pine City, WA
Pine City, WA
Depot is located near a cemetery. Pine City is located in Whitman County, south of Spokane.
Depot, Plymouth, WI
Plymouth, WI
Depot in Plymouth is now a restraunt
Depot, Portage, WI
Portage, WI
The original and second Portage depots have been razed. A small shelter now serves Amtrak, and a building for CP employees takes the place of the depot.
Depot, Potlatch, ID
Potlatch, Idaho
Depot and former railroad headquarters of the Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Co., owned by the Milwaukee 1962-80, now part of the Palouse River & Coulee City (PCC) RR. The depot is now owned by the WI&M Railway History Preservation Group, and its restoration is under way. WI&M 4-6-0 #1 is on display in Scenic 6 Park, and a MILW tender mounted flanger sits in the yard.
Depot, Prairie Crossing in Libertyville
Elgin, IL
Prairie Crossing is a relatively new depot on Metra's Milwaukee North Line. It is situated next to the other Prairie Crossing depot on Metra's North Central Service on the Canadian National's former Soo Line route. 
Depot, Rapidan, MN
Rapidan, (South of Mankato), MN
The Rapidan Heritage Society is in the process of restoring the Rapidan Depot to its original look and condition. We started 2 years ago when we moved it back to its original sight. We are attempting to complete the outside by Sept. 04. The line ran from Farmington, MN to Wells, MN and went through Mankato. Was used as a shipping point for milled grain from the water mills on the Blue Earth River.
Depot, Red Wing, MN
Red Wing, Minnesota
Depot, Renner, SD
Renner, South Dakota
Depot located in city park
Depot, Ridley, IA
Ridley, Iowa
Station at Ridley, Iowa on the Iowa & Dakota line
Depot, Ringling, MT
Ringling, MT.
Depot. Busy until mid late 1950's
Depot, Rock City, IL
Rock City, Illinois
One of the two remaining depots left along the old southwestern line, this depot was built in 1927 to replace one that was lost in a fire. It sits along hwy 75 and is now home to a business.
Depot, Rock Valley, IA
Rock Valley, Iowa
This once was the depot in Rock Valley, Iowa. It still stands next to where three tracks ran in between two grain elevators in the heart of downtown Rock Valley. I don't have any other information other than this is where I used to watch alot of Milwaukee Road trains come and go as a child in the 1970's. 
Depot, Rockwell City, IA
Rockwell City, Iowa
I beleive it is still in its original location. Tracks have been removed. Depot is in pretty good shape.
Depot, Roselle, IL
Elgin, IL
Roselle is a station stop on Metra on the former Milwaukee Road west line. Like the new station stops that were built by the corresponding communities and Metra, this houses a coffee shop. The other station stops that serve refreshments include Schaumburg, Big Timber Road, Hanover Park and National Street.
Depot, Round Lake, IL
Elgin, IL
Round Lake is on Metra's Milwaukee North Line about eight miles east of the terminal at Fox Lake. 
Depot, Roundup, MT
Roundup, MT
Depot, Roy, MT
Roy, Montana
Sitting beside Hwy 191 in Roy Montana still stands the depot and end of the line of the Roy Branch. Depot appears to be on private property but is easily accessible and not fenced.
Depot, Saint Paul Union Depot
Saint Paul, MN
The Saint Paul Union Depot remains a beautiful example of large depots that once served the passengers of numerous rail lines, including the Milwaukee Road. Plans are currently underway to reroute Amtrak service to the Union Depot and bring in commuter and light rail through the Saint Paul Union Depot.
Depot, Sauk City, WI
Sauk City, WI
The Old depot on Water Street (WI Hwy 60)in Sauk City is now a restaurant. The tracks through Sauk City and Prairie Du Sac have been taken up to Badger Ordinance. The road bed is part of the Great Sauk Trail. The bridge in Sauk City has been dismantled.
Depot, Schaumburg, IL
Elgin, IL
The depot at Schaumburg on the former Milwaukee Road west line is operated by Metra. It is located on Schaumburg's south side and is flanked by the Schaumburg Airport and the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway.
Depot, Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA

The 1911 edifice at 5th Avenue South and South Jackson Street, built by the Oregon and Washington Railroad (OWRR) on behalf of the Union Pacific (UP) has been restored to its full glory as the headquarters of the new (1997) Puget Sound public transit agency, Sound Transit. Union Station sits across the street from the GN and NP King Street Station now used by Amtrak and the Sounders commuter trains to Everett and Tacoma.

Union Station was used by the MILW from 1911 until the last Olympian left there in May 1961 and saw infrequent pooled UP/GN/NP Portnald-Seattle service until the advent of AMTRAK.

The Great Hall, with its magnificent tiled floor, green tile wainscoting and cream faux-sandstone walls is open to the public business hours. There's even a coffee and sandwich shop where the concourse used to be and tables are spaced throughout the Great Hall. One can imagine the author Thomas WOLFE striding across the floor to begin his last train trip to Baltimore and his death in September 1938. He had come to a sanitorium in Seattle that summer seeking a cure for the illness that killed him and was returning home, unaided, on the Olympian one autumn evening.

Built as the Oregon and Washington Station and opened in May 1911, Union Station ins Seattle served the MILW's Olympian and Columbian trains and pooled NP-GN-UP Portland-Seattle traffic until the advent of AMTRAK in May 1971. The last Olympian departed from Track E in May 1961, howver, ending fully fifty years of MILW passenger service between Chicago and Seattle/Tacome.

With AMTRAK, all train service was routed to King Street Station across Fourth Avenue South and the old station fell into disrepair. When regional transit agency Sound Transit acquired and upgraded the facility it seems no expense was spared to bring the station back to its heyday appearance. It's a magnificent public building, looking from the outside more like a concert hall or civic center than a one-time transportation center.

But here comes the mystery: Sound Transit still had the dozen high-backed oaken benches that once graced the immense barrel-vaulted waiting room and decided to place the four best preserved of them in the Great Hall. The one they placed at the northeast corner of the room clearly displays bullet holes!

It's a spray of a half-dozen or more clearly .38 or .45 calibre shots arranged in an arc from lower left to upper right and some of the rounds penetrated or even went through the bench to lodge in the wainscoting. A couple of the shots only nicked the wood of the bench because something - a body, perhaps? - slowed their course.

The full story is unknown, at least by me. There is no institutional memory at Union Station - the site was largely unused from 1971 until the mid-1990s - and the local newspapers maintain no publicly available indices to allow a search for a story. Exhaustive Internet and NY Times index searches have revealed nothing so far and the people working there now only make vague references to events that sound too much like what happened at Kansas City Union Station one June day many years ago. Even old-time railfans, men who remember Lindbergh's visit to Seattle in September 1927, just look at me blankly when I inquire about this!

If someone will only narrow down the year or even the decade with some reason, I'll search day-by-day through the local newspapers on microfilm at the U-library. Until then, it's a mystery!
Depot, Sioux Falls, SD
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The former Milwaukee Road passenger depot in Sioux Falls is on the corner of 5th Street and Phillips Avenue.
Depot, Snohomish, WA
Snohomish, WA
Extant structure currently used as a VFW hall.
Depot, South Cle Elum WA
Cle Elum, WA
Just visited there on 11-12-11. It looks great, great restoration work has been done. There's no tracks left but there's still a signal and also a caboose sitting to the side of where the tracks were located. I have pictures at
Depot, St. Louis Park, MN
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Photo -

Depot, Staint Maries, ID
Staint Maries, Idaho
Large, nice looking depot used as main headquarters/offices for St. Maries River Railroad. Still stands.
Depot, Strasburg, ND
Strasburg, ND
The Strasburg, ND, sat vacant for years, then moved to the country and finally to Bismark, ND, where it is nicely restored as a house. It is on ND 1804 & Lookout Trail, SE of Mary University.

Depot, Sussex,WI

The depot at Sussex is now restored and is a part of the Waukesha County "Bugline" trail.  The depot is used as a rest stop and has bathrooms for hikers/cyclists.  The depot is located in Madeline Park in Sussex.  The depot was used by the Milwaukee and the Soo Line when in railroad operations. 

Depot, Three Forks, MT
Three Forks, Montana
The Milwaukee Road depot is still standing & has been remodeled & it could be bought if the price is right. I grew up in Three Forks, Montana & my father worked for the Milwaukee Road putting in 45 years of service. Nothing is being done with the depot which is most likely going to waste. It was a great station cause many people would catch a train from Three Forks to Yellowstone Park. It would be great if we could save this depot & slowly rebuild it to original status.
Depot, Tomah, WI
Tomah, Wisconsin
The former Milwaukee depot in Tomah, Wisconsin, is still used by CP and as a stop for Amtrak
Depot, Trappe City, WI
Trappe City, Wisconsin
Trappe City Station was a station on the Wisconsin Valley Railroad in Marathon County between Wausau and Merrill.
Depot, Valdora, IA
Valdora, IA
Station on Beulah to Elkader line
Depot, Vermillion, MN
Vermillion, Minnesota
The Vermilleion, Minnesota, depot was converted to a house in town when the former Hastings and Dakota between Hastings & Lakefield was abandoned in the 1930's. It is a two story live in station.
Depot, Volga City, IA
Volga City, IA
The Turkery River line running from the Mississipi River south of Guttenburg up the Turkey River to West Union was abandoned in the 1930's. However the two story Milwaukee live in depot is now a house on the paved road between Volga City and Wadena. The former Milwaukee in Wadena is now the City garage in Wadena.
Depot, Watson, MN
Watson, Minnesota
The depot is still standing and in its original location. However, it is very much in need of repair.
Depot, Wausau, WI
Wausau, Wisconsin
The Grant Street Depot has been preserved as a Wausau Landmark. This depot was featured as the trademark of Wausau Insurance Companies for more than a half of a century. Recently, the Wisconsin Central Railroad (now a subsidiary of the Canadian National Railroad) took part in a ceremony at the request of a school teacher from Antigo, WI in memory of the installation of the golden spike" at Promontory Point in Utah creating the first transcontinental railroad in the U.S.
Depot, Wells, MN
Wells, MN
The completely restored Milwaukee Road depot located in Wells, MN on the former Milwaukee Road main line from Austin, MN
Depot, Wells, MN
Wells, MN
Built in 1903 the Depot measures 28x90 and in presenting owned by the Wells Historical Society, Inc. In 2009 it is planned to have major work done to it including new cedar shingles. Major fund raising is underway. Anyone wanting to donate sent to PO Box 43 Wells MN 56097. Thanks for looking and please stop in in 2010 to see the completed restoration.
Depot, Western Avenue in Chicago
Elgin, IL
Western Avenue is another leftover from the former Milwaukee Road. Located midway between Chicago's Union Station and the place known as Pacific Junction where the Milwaukee West and North lines intersect, this station stop is perfect for those who are true Metra and Amtrak fans. This place is especially nice for me since I am a true Metra and Amtrak nut - and it is placed right close to the Metra coach yards on Union Pacific's west line and Canadian Pacific's C&M and D&I routes. Also next to Western Avenue is yet another Milwaukee Road relic, Tower A-2, which is still staffed by Metra and Amtrak.
Depot, Wheaton, MN
Wheaton, Minnesota
Home of the Traverse County Historical Society. Nice looking structure.
Depot, Whittemore, IA
Whittemore, IA
Am doing an article on the Depot complex (depot, sidings, coal chute, stockyards, and grain elevator as they stood in the late 1920's. (now all gone but the grain elevator). Would appreciate all material on the Sioux Line, Chicago-Rapid City including rolling stock. Point of view: Whittemore RR Depot as microcosm of Age of Steam. 
Depot, Winneconne, WI
Winneconne, WI
Old depot and track checker car on Hwy 116 west end of town
Depot, Winona, MN
Winona, MN
The Milwaukee Road depot is still in use at Winona, Mn. Located at MP308 on CP's River Sub mainline, the depot underwent a major restoration by Soo Line in 1986. It sits approximately 50' from the main, and around 30 trains a day pass it. CP trains dominate, but trains of Union Pacific and Iowa, Chicago & Eastern also pass by. The depot is used by Amtrak and Canadian Pacific's Winona yard job. A paved parking lot makes an excellent vantage point for some train-watching. Come and check it out!
Depot, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Wisconsin Dells, WI
No doubt a much-promoted destination by The Milwaukee Road through the years, right up until Amtrak took over passenger services in 1971.

Known as Kilbourn [City] until 1931, when the name was changed for the sake of tourism promotion in the face of the Great Depression; its depot was destroyed in a coal-train derailment on July 4, 1982, and, notwithstanding attempts by Amtrak to drop services, donations helped rebuild the station, as has been in service from 1989.

And through the years, Wisconsin Dells was a popular destination for Milwaukee Road passenger services, including weekend excursion services from Chicago and Milwaukee and special package tours.
Depot, Woodruff, WI
Woodruff, WI
Log cabin depot now houses a restaurant on Highway 47 east of Woodruff.
Depot, Woodward, IA
Woodward, Iowa
The depot in Woodward, Iowa is still standing. It is privately owned and has recently been fixed up.
Depot, Yankton, SD
Yankton, SD
The brick depot at 8th and Douglas was built in 1905 by the MILW. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Depot. New Albin, IA
New Albin, Iowa
A small portable depot that was once in Reno, MN. New Albin is the first town on the Dubuque to LaCrosse line as you enter Iowa. The depot and tracks are currently being used by the Iowa Chicago & Eastern Railroad.
Depot: Markesan, WI
Markesan, Wisconsin
The old Milwaukee Road Depot is part of the Markesan Historical Society's museum. There is an enormous U.S. Map that shows all the Milwaukee Road lines hanging in the station managers office along with old documents and waybills.
Depot: Wausau, WI
Wausau, WI
The original Browkaw Depot is on Private propery on Co. Hwy.X East of Wausau or Camp Phillip Rd.
Diesel locomotive, FP-7A #96A, now E&LS #600
Green Bay, WI., and Escanaba, MI, WI., and MI.
The EMD #96A and #96C were built in 1954 to replace steam on both passenger and freight. These two also served in Chicago commuter service until 1986 when the merger with the Soo Line occurred. During this time the set was broken apart with both going into excursion service. The 96A was changed into the 71A and ran on both the Wisconsin and Calumet RR., then the Wisconsin and Southern on the Presidents train. But the 96C has served on many others, like the Ohio Central, and is now the Gettysburg RR #402. But the 96A/71A was just sold to the Escanaba and Lake Superior RR. and has returned to the original M>R> tracks where is used to pull either the Copper country Limited, or the Chippewa. It operates with and of the other E&LS units like the new SD-40-2's #500 and 501. Submitted on Tuesday, August 30, 2005, by Steven Solway, 1331 Bellevue St., #229, Green Bay,WI 54302. 10920-469-0011.
Diesel Shop, St Paul, MN
St Paul, Minnesota
Diesel shops
Drawbridge, Sabula, IA
Sabula, Iowa
This 100 year old swing bridge carries the former Chicago-Omaha mainline across the Mississippi River between Savanna, Illinois and Sabula, Ia. Today, the Iowa Chicago and Eastern now runs trains across this bridge. Trains now bound for Dubuque and Davenport can be seen crossing the river here as well as running on a nearly 2 mile causeway between Savanna and the Bridge.
Dungeness River Bridge, Sequim, WA
Sequim, WA
This wooden truss bridge is located about 2 miles west of the City of Sequim, on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. It was built in 1930 and replaces an earlier one. The bridge now is the centerpiece of the City's Railroad Bridge Park. The rails are now gone, replaced by a trail. Walk across the bridge and enjoy nature, as the park is also a nature center (the Dungeness River Center) that is partly managed by the City, the Audubon Society, and the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe of Indians. Because of its unique engineering, the bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Electrification sub-station
Loweth, Montana
The electrification substation at Loweth or Summit Montana still stands. It is immediately adjacent to the highway and makes a point of interest as well as a great backdrop for photographers. Visitors can also see the trackage right of way for miles on either side of the station.
Ethanol trains
Oshkosh , WI
Wisconsin Southern brings corn and pulls out finished ethanol from plant near Oshkosh WI on former Milwaukee Road tracks
Ethanol Trains On Former MILW's West Line
C'Ville, il 
Canadian Pacific's Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern subsidiary has been running unit ethanol trains over its former Milwaukee Road east-west route across northern Illinois. The Milwaukee Road certainly would have been proud to see its west line being a successful ethanol conveyor belt. The ethanol which is usually being hauled by IC&E and CP SD40s as well as some DM&E units from plants served by former MILW lines in northern Iowa always have some kind of freight car between the tankers and the motive power due to federal guidelines.
Fairdale, IL
Elgin, IL
Fairdale is a little unincorporated hamlet west of Kirkland on the former Milwaukee Road west line, which was succeeded by Soo Line, I&M Rail Link, Iowa, Chicago & Eastern and now Canadian Pacific.
Former Junction
Forest Jct, WI
If you are careful you can see the point where Milwaukee to Green Bay line crossed CNW Appleton to Manitowoc line.

The Friendship trail that runs the former CNW line meets the Fox River trail via the former transfer track.
Former Junction MILW & CGW West of Sycamore, IL
Sycamore, IL
The Milwaukee Road once had a line passing across the diamond with the old Chicago Great Western west of Sycamore and about six miles north of DeKalb. Both lines are long gone now (don't remember when the MILW was abandoned, but I believe that the CGW, then became part of Chicago & North Western, was abandoned in 1977). If you could travel to the corner to Peace Road and Pleasant Street on DeKalb's east side you can still see a portion of Milwaukee Road track near a factory (and probably you can see some track although it's grossly overgrown with weeds just north of here).
Fox River State Trail, Green Bay WI
Green Bay, WI
The Fox River state trail runs from Green Bay south to Greenleaf WI along old Milwaukee Road trackage
Fox River Trail, WI
The Fox river trail now extends south past Forest Junction. It also meets up with the Friendship trail in Forest Junction. Friendship trail is former CNW Ashland line
Freight Depot
Decorah, Iowa
Freight House Restaurant, LaCrosse, WI
LaCrosse, WI
Located at 107 Vine Street, (downtown) LaCrosse, WI. This, (1879) mostly stone Milwaukee Road freight house survived a fire, in 1916, the destroyed the adjacent station (Cameron House). The Milwaukee Road built a new depot (1927) several miles to the north along the main line through North LaCrosse, thus eliminating the backup maneuver required to park at the downtown station.

Arguably, the Freight House is regarded as LaCrosse's top eating place.
Freighthouse, Beaver Dam, WI
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
The Road's freight house on the "frying pan" still stands at the corner of Mill and S. Center street. It now houses Blackwater Coffee, a small gourmet shop.

The coffee house is the old Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Freight House. The owners have preserved much of the wood from the building and incorporated it into the remodel. It is spacious and has the feel of "waiting for the train." The coffee and pastries are wonderful. The Malleable Iron Range Company was near the Freight House and the train made a panhandle to accommodate industries in the Center Street area.
Freighthouse, Bozeman, MT
Bozeman, Montana
The freight house in Bozeman is being use at present as a retail lumber dealer. The graphics were repainted on it in 1995 or 96. The micro-brewery, which is across the street, is the former NP freight house. It also has been repainted in the NP colors at about the same time

Freighthouse, Rapid City, SD.

The building had been renovated into office space at Omah and 7th Streets.The depot just east of the freighthouse housed a restaruant (now closed) and is in good shape.  The yard near East Blvd is used by the RCPE Railroad for storage.  The main track eastward has been removed by the right of way still exists.
Freighthouse, Fargo, ND
Fargo, North Dakota
The Fargo freight house still remains at what was the end of the branch to Fargo. It now houses Tochi Products, a health foods store. A short stretch of rail remains outside. Inside, there is a small display of timetables, photos and history on the freight house, adjacent depot (it burned down in 1974) and the Milwaukee Road in Fargo. It is located at 1111 2nd Avenue North.
Freighthouse, Tacoma WA
Tacoma, WA
The Freighthouse is now also a depot for the Sounder commuter train with a new connection from the Tacoma Eastern to the BNSF mainline.
Freighthouse, Tacoma, WA
Tacoma, WA
The former Milw building is now a copmplex of shops, offices and restraunts. It was the Milw Division HQ for the Coast (later Washington) Division. The Division offices were moved here from Seattle Union station after the 1965 earthquake caaused damage to Union Station. It is adjacent to the former Milw Tacoma Eastern branch, now Tacoma Rail, that ran to Morton and Chehalis and on to Portland via the BN RR. Just RR west of the freight house was a plus 3.0% grade reaching 3.75%, the steepest Milw mainline grade. Combined with a 14 degree curve at the bottom of the gtrade, this was the site of many derailments including a runaway four unit helper engine.
Freighthouse, Winona, MN
Winona, MN
The Milwaukee Road freighthouse still stands at the corner of Main (Minn. State highway 43) & Mark Streets in Winona. The building is used by a local fuel distributor, and CP keeps a tractor for plowing the area around it's adjacent depot in a small portion on the east side of the building (inside the large overhead door). The freighthouse was repainted and re-roofed by the new owner in the mid-1980s, but it has begun to deteriorate. The foundation has several noticeable sags in it's length, and paint is peeling badly. Take a look while you still can!
Froelich, Iowa
Near Monona, Iowa, Iowa
The historical society in Froelich continues to upgrade the railraod site. They have recreated a depot and they have a small collection of rolling stock, but no motive power. This is on the former Milwaukee Road branch line that went from Beaulah west of Spook Cave to Elkader, Iowa, passing through Farmersburg and St. Olaf enroute. The Milwaukee Road depot in Farmersburg has been converted into a auto repair shop. The tracks were pulled in 1972.

Milwaukee Railroad Museum

Harlowton, Montana

The museum in Harlowton is located in the restored Milwaukee depot. It has photographs, paintings, and a lot of Milwaukee memorabilia: lanterns, Pullman chairs, uniforms, rosters, train bells, as well as books and souvenirs. You also walk through the ticket office, dispatcher's office, and beanery. Outside are a snowplow, "goat" switch engine, signal tower, conductor's telephone booth, as well as the old roundhouse and sand tower. Locals and others have put a lot of work into this, and it's definitely worth a visit! As a child, I enjoyed watching the trains and counting cars at my grandparent's home in Twodot, Montana, which I believe is where the first substation west of Harlowton was located.


Edgerton, WI

Restored and used as a museum for Edgerton

E57B engine

Harlowton, Montana

The E57B box-cab engine is displayed at the corner of US Highway 12 and Central Avenue in Harlowton, Montana.


Tower at Newport Minnesota

Newport Minnesota

 The historical Newport tower, which controlled converging tracks of the Milwaukee Road, Rock Island and CB&Q,was moved from its original location in 1984 to its new site behind the Newport city hall.  Still within the site of the tracks, it is now owned by the City of Newport, Minnesota and maintained by the Greater East Area Model Railroad Club (also known as the Newport Club).  You can check thei club website at:


Seymour, IN

Former freight house now used as Information Center for Seymour and surrounding area.


Tower at Newport Minnesota

Newport Minnesota

 The historical Newport tower, which controlled converging tracks of the Milwaukee Road, Rock Island and CB&Q,was moved from its original location in 1984 to its new site behind the Newport city hall.  Still within the site of the tracks, it is now owned by the City of Newport, Minnesota and maintained by the Greater East Area Model Railroad Club (also known as the Newport Club).  You can check thei club website at:

Milwaukee Substation

Renton, Washington

In the early part of the last century, the Milwaukee Road electrified large portions of their route through Washington State, Montana a bit of Idaho. In order to supply current to the electric locomotives, substations were built at required intervals. On the Pacific Division, electric operations ended in 1972. Many of the brick substations were salvaged by used brick dealers but a few survived. Most are sitting as empty shells, but the former station in Renton (Washington State) was converted to an office building. While some of the substations in areas of high snowfall used hipped roofs, most were flat as was the case here. Renton is pretty close to the end of the electrified line on the western end. There was one substation near Tacoma and the next one to the east was at Cedar Falls where the line begins it's climb up the west side of the Cascade Mountains. Neither of those substations survived.


 Asymmetrical swing bridge over the Fox River government canal, still being used several times daily by the Canadian National Railway.  Boat traffic had the right of way and, during the boating season train crews must close the span and re-open after passing over by means of control boxes located on both sides of the canal.  The bridge tender's house is still in place on the north side of the canal and presumably used for storage.

                                                    Sioux City Roundhouse Railroad Museum

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district, the roundhouse and associated buildings have been developed into an outstanding museum and historical center.  Included at the museum is a GN steam locomotive undergoing restoration and many artifacts from the days when the Milwaukee Road did major repairs at this location

                                                           Dell Rapids Skytop Observation Car

This car is preserved at the Museum of Arts and Science at Daytona Beach, Florida.

This car is one of two privately owned passenger cars preserved in a climate controlled recreation of a covered passenger station platform.  The other car is a California Zephyr observation car.

                                                                                       Spring Hill Tower

This tower is preserved in Terre Haute, Indiana

Spring Hill Tower controlled the interlocking between the Milwaukee Road, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, and the New York Central in southern Vigo County.  The tower is preserved at the Wabash Valley Railroad Museum in Terre Haute about five miles from where it was in service.  The tower has a 1900 vintage Saxby & Farmer "armstrong" (levers) interlocking machine which visitors may operate.  The tower is restored to its appearance circe 1950's.