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 MTH O Scale Premium PS-3 Boxcabs displayed.

Photo courtesy of Warren Newhauser. 

HO Brass Overland Models GE Boxcabs displayed. 

New Metra Milwaukee Road Heritage paint scheme!





What is the Milwaukee Road?

Follow the link above to learn more about this storied railroad.


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You may book your hotel room for the 2019 Convention now.  But book early as space is limited.  Click on the Convention icon for details.  Online and Postal mail registration will begin March 1, 2019.  See you in South St. Paul June 20-23, 2019!!

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FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The Milwaukee Road Archives at the Milwaukee Public Library has a number of duplicate blueprints and drawings for sale. Go to the Milwaukee Public Library at the link below to see what materials are available.




How many of the Milwaukee Road's 3,000 plus steam locomotives are still viewable in photographs?  Seeking to answer this question is what the MRHA STEAM SEARCH is all about.  In pursuit of this goal; We SEARCH for rare or previously unseen photos of Milwaukee Road steam locomotives.  We ARCHIVE and RECORD the historic photos we find.  We SERVE as a clearing house for information about sources of steam locomotive photos.  We RESPECT the copyright of persons and institutions holding the rights to the materials.  We NEED YOUR HELP in the increasingly difficult work of finding, authenticating and obtaining the photos we are seeking.  We have found many but there are still 600 never seen photos of Milwaukee steam engines.  Here is a list of our "10 Most Wanted" missing engines:  

Class       Road Numbers         Comment  

J2-a                    409-84-26-1025                          First engine from new Milwaukee Shops, retired 1910

G8                       2601-1001                                  Only unseen G8, worked until the end of steam

C5-a                   7242-1242                                   Only unseen C5 of 45 rostered

B3-x                    253-300-1600-4200                   Experimental Vauclain Compound 4-6-0, scrapped 1927

B3                       301-1601-4201                           First engine of the class of 25

B4                       367-1717-4317                           First of 66, "wide firebox" class en

A2-a                  939-3126                                      Only unseen Atlantic, built 1903, retired 1928                         

G1                      192                                               Ex Milwaukee & Superior No. 4

L2                      1800-8000-662                             First engine of the class of 180

4-4-0                 1                                                    Former LaCrosse & Milw. No. 1, named Winneconne

We are seeking these and other Milwaukee Road steam locomotives and photo collections.  For more information, contact Ted Douglas, Steam Search Coordinator at: 


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Do you want to talk to someone from MRHA?  Would you like to see something that MRHA offers?  Each year MRHA representatives attend a number of shows in various parts of the country.  If you are near one of these sites,  stop by and say Hello! and ask your questions, or look at our materials (though not all our items are at every show)!   Here is a list of the shows that MRHA usually attends.  Show hours are generally 9 or 10 to 4PM.


JANUARY - None   

FEBRUARY - Mad City Train Show - Alliant Center- Madison, Wisconsin (2nd or 3rd weekend)

MARCH - Rock Valley Train Show - Belvidere High Sch. - Belvidere, IL (Mar 24-25, 2018)

APRILLivingston Rail Show - Depot Center -Livingston, Montana (last Saturday in April)

MAYDavenport Train Show - 2815 Locust St. - Davenport, Iowa (May 5, 2018)

JUNE - None

JULY - LaCrosse Train Show -Copeland Park - LaCrosse, Wisconsin (date TBA)

AUGUST - Elkader Train Show - Johnson Reception Hall - Elkader, Iowa  (August 18, 2018)

SEPTEMBER - Missoula Train Show - Big Sky H.S. - Missoula, Montana (2nd Sunday in Sept.)

OCTOBER - Fall 2016 Train Show - County Fairgrounds - Spokane, Wash. (2nd Sunday in Oct.)

NOVEMBER - Trainfest - State Fair Park - West Allis, Wisconsin (2nd weekend of Nov.) plus

Dubuque Train Show - Dubuque Fairgrounds -Dubuque, Iowa - (1st weekend)




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