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Visit our membership registration page to sign up to become a member, renew your existing MRHA membership, or create an account if you've already paid your dues.


Join or Renew MRHA Memberships

Visit our membership registration page to sign up to become a member, renew your existing MRHA membership, or create an account if you've already paid your dues.


What is The Milwaukee Road Historical Association

All Aboard!

If you enjoyed the Milwaukee Road, or even if you've never heard the story of how this amazing railroad electrified its operations across five mountain ranges, we invite you to become a member of MRHA. Join with historians, hobbyists, photographers, and model railroaders in preserving and enjoying the memories and traditions of this famous company. Members come from all walks of life, and they're of all ages. The cost is slight, the return unique. An application form is part of this web site. As a member of MRHA, you'll automatically receive these benefits:

The Milwaukee Railroader Magazine

MRHA publishes a high-quality, color-filled 48 page quarterly magazine about the Milwaukee Road written and produced principally by MRHA members. The Milwaukee Railroader contains articles tailored for historians and for modelers.. It reviews new books and tapes about the Milwaukee, and it reviews new models of Milwaukee Road equipment and structures. It keeps you up to date on what's happening to the parts of the Milwaukee that are incorporated into other railroads You'll learn who has Milwaukee Road materials to sell and who might want to buy what you have to sell. Your subscription to The Milwaukee Railroader is free with your membership.

MRHA Annual Convention

Each year, usually in June, at a place which the Milwaukee Road used to go, MRHA members get together for a convention. There is the usual business meeting. But the weekend is also filled with historical seminars, modeling workshops, and an annual dinner that features a speaker prominent in Milwaukee Road history. Where the location makes it possible, tours are conducted so you can see how and where the Milwaukee ran. The annual meeting of MRHA is strictly for members only - and of course, for members, spouses and guests. You won't be able to enjoy this memorable weekend with other followers of the Milwaukee if you are not a member of MRHA!


Membership Renewal Time is Here!  But we forgot to put the form in the 3rd Quarter TMR.....

However, you can print the form below and mail it in.  If you want to renew on line, use the link above to get to the registration site.


                              Name __________________________________

                                        Address ________________________________

                                        City ____________________ State _____ Zip + 4 __________

                                        Phone __________________  Email _____________________

                                        Credit Card Number _________________________________

                                        Expiration Date ____________ Security Number _________  


                                        You may also send a check if you prefer not to use a credit card.

                                   Regular Membership                                                   $40 _______

                                   Sustaining Membership                                               $75 _______

                                   Regular - Non-USA                                                      $52 _______ 

                                   Sustaining  - Non-USA                                                $87 _______

                                   Spousal Membership                                                    $5 _______

                                   Skok Preservation & Restoration Fund (Tax Deductible)$ _______ 

                                   Jim Scribbins Memorial Library Fund (Tax Deductible)   $ _______

                                    IRM Equipment Restoration Fund (Tax Deductible)       $ _______

                                    MRHA IRM Museum Fund (Tax Deductible)                  $ _______    

                                    Skytop Restoration Fun (Tax Deductible)                       $ _______  


                                                                                         TOTAL REMITTED    $ _______


          Mail this form to MRHA MEMBERSHIP, P. O. BOX 307, ANTIOCH, IL 60002-0307

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